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Hip Hop Recording Artist, Producer & Songwriter

Brilliant, charismatic, focused, and extremely talented are just a few words in part that describe one of Colorado’s Finest Hip-Hop Artists / MC’s "xoDeviousox”, also known As "KING DEVIOUS or “Killa King”

Born Deven Edwards in Denver, CO. Deven was raised majorly by his mother. Deven's Mother primarily listened to oldies, 70s feel good music and 80s hip hop. Deven developed his sense of style and music taste from groups and artist such as BBD, LL Cool J and Kurtis Blow. In 1998 Deven's world changed forever after being introduced to an NWA tape. He immediately became infused with the music being that he loved the hard beats and could relate to the lyrics . From then on Deven Knew that he wanted to rap. 

A few years after, Deven formed Colo-Ryda Records with a group of neighborhood friends and family and thats how it all begun...
Devious, eventually became Cofounder/Owner of C.R.Recordz/Colo-Rydaz as well as the founder and head of the hip-hop music Colorado supergroup based upon unity " CO.ALITION" and CO.ALITION MUSIC GROUP. Since stepping onto the Colorado Music scene Devious has managed to be not just successful but iconic and well known for gritty lyrics amazing performances and hot tracks that can make you either dance or relate to whats being displayed on the tracks.

In spring of 2012 King Devious released his 1st solo mixtape under CO.ALITION MUSUIC GROUP, titled “King Of Heartz” Which was Phenomenal and received great feedback in the state of Colorado and throughout surrounding states! Since then Deven has Collaboratively worked with many artist and been part of various projects in and out of Colorado including CO.ALITION MUSIC GROUP'S RELEASE “ROYALTY"

As Of late 2015 Devious Decided to let go of C.R.records/CO.ALITION MUSIC GROUP to put his full attention and efforts into a new label Cofounded with “Saint” of Finest Music called CO.RILLA RECORDS. This chapter is now being written…

His heart beats Denver streets and he never sleeps.“Killa” aka Devious is a very busy man, with all his drive, dedication, creativity mixed with infinite ambitions there is no doubt you will be hearing his name a lot. Ultimately watching him reign as 1 of Denver's hardest working artist / businessmen that came from nothing and made something for Colorado and possibly the world.