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CO.Rilla Records provides a full physical and digital distribution service for independent artists and labels.
CO.Rilla Records will organize distribution of your product, nationally and/or internationally. We create and implement effective, targeted marketing strategies to ensure that the release of your product reaches its target market. We use cutting edge, innovative and also traditional distribution methods, to place releases most effectively into the market place.
Awareness of your product is critical to ensure its successful release. We will tailor a marketing campaign to successfully promote the release of your product.
We have the expertise, knowledge, passion and experience to ensure that the success of your product's release is optimised and that your expectations are not only realised, but exceeded.
If you require distribution of your musical product in retail (physical) and/or digitally online, please contact us. 
Traditional Physical Distributes Your Music To:
Amoeba Records – Hollywood, California
Bleecker Street Records – New York City
CD Exchange – Nationwide Franchise
CD Warehouse – Nationwide Franchise
Daddy Kool Records – St. Petersburg, Florida
Deep Grove Records – Richmond, Virginia
Down In The Valley – Nationwide Franchise

Good Records – Dallas, Texas
Graveface Records – Savannah, Georgia
Grimey’s Music – Nashville, Tennessee
Permanent Records – Brooklyn, New York City
Vintage Vinyl – St. Louis, Missouri
Wax Trax – Denver, Colorado
Rough Trade – Brooklyn, New York City
Barnes & Noble
Best Buy
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In any business, experience is a decisive factor in achieving commercial success. The music business is constantly evolving.
An acute awareness of where the market is heading is essential if an artist is to navigate efficiently towards achieving their goals. A knowledge of what obstacles to avoid is just as critical if an artist is to survive and flourish in what is a complex and, at times, daunting industry. Many artists proceed throughout their careers, lacking the guidance and connections that are required to bring about a successful career in the music industry.
Over ten years of experience and a huge contact base of every major contact within the industry, including  radio programme directors, and publishing companies, gives CO.Rilla Records an edge in placing the artists' music and video productions into the commercial market.
If you're an artist, group, band or producer, who is looking for management at the highest level and think that you have what it takes to be represented by the best in the industry, please contact CO.Rilla Records to discuss your career.
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For the first time in recording history, the recording artist is in a position where they can promote and sell their compositions to a world-wide market, while still maintaining commercial and creative control of their careers in the process.
With the advent of the digital age, the phenomenal growth in recording technology and the rapid growth of the Internet, the music industry has been experiencing a revolution in how music is produced, marketed, distributed, sold and enjoyed around the world.
This revolution has led to there being a greater variety of music for consumers to readily choose from and in turn, this has led to an increase in the level of competition with which artists are faced in commercialising their compositions and recordings.
In order for an artist to be at the top of their game, to maintain commercial and artistic control of their compositions and careers and to have a competitive advantage over their peers, an artist needs to have their material produced to world-class standards.
Having material produced to release ready standards, enables the artist to commercialise their compositions across the full spectrum of commercial opportunities, including: physical and digital sales, advertising, radio, television, video, film, sync, corporate, games, composition, sound recordings, web sites, music on hold and many other publishing and licensing opportunities.
It is often difficult for an artist or group to obtain the capital resources necessary to achieve world-class audio productions of their compositions. For those artists who require financial assistance to achieve world-class audio productions of their compositions, CO.Rilla Records provides a range of options. These include interest free finance on audio productions, a variety of different recording deal structures and, for a select few artists, a direct signing to the CO.Rilla Records recording label.
For more information on these options, please contact our Artist Assistance department.
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