Heading 1

Hip Hop Recording Artist, Producer & Songwriter

This rapper/producer and COO/Cofounder of CO.Rilla Records with tremendous talent has taken his love and desire for music to another level. He’s like no other, the style, the name; the man himself cannot be duplicated, something spectacular.
His raps are crisp and to the point, he's a monster on the stage, and in the studio his creative nature invades his music. It can't get more precise than that. His versatility is proven in the many songs in which he has produced and written. His rap style can be straight hardcore rap and then switch to a commercial, laid-back flow.
Born July 17,1985 in Denver Colorado Saint emerged as a hip hop artist in late 2003. Collaborating and performing alongside Colorado Legend  BBlacc and Dankside ENT. Since, he has carried his talent from state to state, venue to venue as he has worked hard to express his unique personality through his brand of Finest Music. He has worked through the ranks of various studios to learn pro audio gear in an effort to hone his talent as a recording artist and producer. Saint has always had an ear for good music, rhymes and hooks. The magic of music brings the real raw trueness out of him. Influenced by the hard-edged beats and southern gangster-rap of No Limit Records, Saint developed his own style and writing skills and is a rare exception in the ever changing world of Hip-Hop. In a genre where new artists come and go, plagued with gimmicks and schemes, Saint manages to remain true to himself and the music he makes. As Saint explains, “Working on numerous local projects and trying to gain notoriety became a facilitator of my musical talents”. With an unmatched drive, musical creativity and charisma, Saint blends hip-hop and r&b into a cohesive musical journey on every project he touches. Saint is currently in production on his newest album, coming soon on CO.Rilla Records.
Blood & Passion Chapter 1 - Finest Music(2005)
Definition Of Finest - Finest Music(2007)
Finest Music Presents: - Finest Music(2007)
Life Of Sin -Finest Music (2009)
Anastasis "Finest Forever" Mixtape - Fleur De Les Ent/Finest Music (2010)
CO.Alition: Royalty - CO.Alition Music Group (2011)
Rumble (Single) (Uncle Rob ft. Proffit, Saint & King Devious) - Finest Music (2012)
N9ne Degrees (w/ Proffit, Saint, & King Devious)  ( 2013)
Fade 2 Gold (Special Edition) The Remixes: Book Of Verses EP -Finest Music (2013)
My Life On Repeat - Finest Music (2015)