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CO.Rilla Records is an independent record label operating out of Denver Colorado, that specializes in the development of artists and bands for commercial release. CO.Rilla Records has the know-how and the experience to produce musical ideas into release-ready productions for the market place. CO.Rilla Records has over ten years of experience in producing quality music and we are connected with the strongest commercial forces in the industry, both nationally and internationally.
Being a boutique recording label allows CO.Rilla Records to have its finger on the pulse of where musical trends and popular culture are heading. We honor and respect the wonderful producers, artists, composers and musicians that have pioneered music to the highly evolved state at which it exists today.
 As we heads towards the future, CO.Rilla Records continues to focus on quality music while  working with artists whose work ethic, craftsmanship, talent and sounds are superior.
  1. Mile High Knights
    Single by Kid Snap featuring Ramondo Vitelli
  2. Power
    Single By xoDeviousox
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